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Worldwide Procurement Specialist, LLC
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Our extensive global supply of valve inventory is purchased from the world’s finest valve manufacturers. Each engineered superior quality machine crafted valve meets and exceeds ISO 9001 and ASTM manufacturing standards. We have several thousand valves in stock at our manufacturing and warehouse facilities available for immediate worldwide shipment.  All of the valves are approved for use in domestic USA, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Latin America, South America, Middle East, Far East, & Africa (depending on specific application).

We specialize in hard to find valves including high temperature PEEK valves and other valves requiring special temperature, pressure and or other demanding performance applications. We excel in providing rapid order fulfillment for large orders. Valves available for direct shipment to you include ball, butterfly, check, choke, diaphragm, gate, glove, needle, pinch, piston, plug, thermal expansion, pressure and safety valves. Additional types of valves and products are available which may not be displayed below.

3rd party certified and bonded inspection staff and testing is available to ensure your specifications are met. Your precise product will be insured and shipped to your site worldwide by our bonded freight forwarders with full global transportation services. Contact us today with your request by email or telephone to fulfill your most demanding project requirements! 

Ball valves, stainless steel and carbon steel ball valves
Ball Valves

We feature durable ball valves including floating and trunion mounted valves. You may select full port or reduced port design based upon your needs. We provide a full range of sizes from class 150 to class 600.

Gate valves offered in different classes,300,450,600,900, 1500 and 2500.
Gate Valves

A wide variety of gate valves are available including screw-in, union, bolted bonnet or high pressure bonnet. Carbon steel or a stainless steel body is provided based upon your application. We feature a wide selection including class 150, 300, 450 , 600, 900 and classes 1500-2500.

Globe valves with hand wheel, gear box, manual or electric, carbon steel or stainless steel
Globe Valves

We offer durable hand wheel, gearbox operation, chain wheel and electric glove valves for your pipeline needs. Your choice of manual or electric automated operation is available. Carbon steel and stainless steel globe valves are available with appropriate seats and packing. Classes 150-900 and 1500-2500 are available in a wide variety of sizes to meet your applications.

Check Valves; carbon and stainless steel
Check Valves

A full range of cast, forged and wafer check valves are obtainable providing you with successful solutions to control your fluid direction. Carbon and stainless steel check valves are available. Check valves are offered in classes 150,300,450,600,900, 1500 and 2500.



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Worldwide Procurement Specialist, LLC

Worldwide Procurement Specialist, LLC